Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme, if you have other questions, please just send it to
The cost of a quality an Outdoor BBQ Kitchen can vary greatly depending on a number of variables including size, features, components and appliances.

You can obtain a realtime quote designing your own kitchen with our Virtual Outdoor Kitchen Designer or shop our install-ready BBQ Kitchens which are in stock suit the most common needs and range of budgets.
You can buy any of our install-ready BBQ Kitchens online. These kitchens are in stock and sent to you as flat pack units for you to assemble, install and enjoy.
We've spent more than 5 years + hundreds of thousands of dollars in Research & Development perfecting our now patented Cabinex cabinetry solution.

The goal has always to create an Install ready Outdoor BBQ Kitchen cabinetry system that is simple enough for anyone to build — a fact we're very proud of.

Our large range of Install-ready BBQ kitchens are in stock and accompanied by online instruction videos and manual that show you every step in building your own Outdoor BBQ Kitchen.
We offer a comprehensive 15 year structural warranty ensuring you buy your outdoor BBQ kitchen with confidence knowing it will last for years.

All our appliances are supplied with Manufacturer warranties which normally range from 2-5 years depending on the manufacturer of course.
We stock a full range of our install-ready BBQ Kitchens which include Cabinex cabinetry, hardware & Outdoor BBQ appliances . This means orders can be dispatched within 1-2 days

If you're considering a bespoke outdoor kitchen that is designed to you aesthetics and requirements, lead times are commonly more like 3-6 weeks, depending on things stone choices, appliances, build requirements or engineering.
Absolutely… We have a full range of install-ready BBQ Kitchens in stock and ready to go.

Our easy to use building system and helpful videos and instructions make building your own Cabinex outdoor kitchen relatively quick and easy... If you’re reasonably handy or want your own builder to construct one of our outdoor kitchens, thats no problem.

Otherwise, one of our install experts will be able to help... Speak to one of our team about install options.
We don’t work with services like Gas or Electricity when installing our BBQ kitchens. However, we can connect you with our experienced and trusted trades. While we’re happy to offer advice, but any quotations or detailed discussions would need to be with them directly.
We work with all the best BBQ brands and because we buy and hold large volumes of stock, we’re able to pass saving directly onto you.

We stock and supply:
• Built In BBQ/Barbecues
• Outdoor Bar Fridges
• Dishwashers
• BBQ & Outdoor Range Hoods
Cabinex outdoor BBQ kitchens are completely waterproof and can be washed out with the a hose or gurney when you feel like your outdoor bbq kitchen is ready for a clean.

Make sure the BBQ and other appliances are kept dry and you adhere to the manufacturers instructions and care instructions.

The carcasses and doors are waterproof, your appliances probably aren’t.
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